Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Beach Report and Weed du Jour

I spotted this in the edge of the woods as we walked down the trail. Cuckoopint or Lords and Ladies. An old world plant, probably escaped from gardens. Their leaves are gone by the time the fruit develop. Don't eat them, they're poisonous.

On our way through the boat yard, Skye and I surprised this fox. I'm leaning to Red Fox, which is what we see most often here, but it might be a Gray Fox. Skye wanted to play (maybe) but the fox was unconvinced. We did get a better look as it ran into the woods, and its tail was long, but not bushy. Mange?
The weather is cool (for August), in the 70s and gusty, which made for a pleasant walk, but poor tooth hunting.

A Monarch butterfly trying to puddle in the wind.

A former Weed du Jour, Spotted Bee Balm.

My first Red-Spotted Purple of the year visited the apple tree in the back yard

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