Friday, August 25, 2017

Reason #5657 That Trump Was Elected

With Angry Politics Dominating, Trump's Smart Infrastructure Reforms Go Almost Unnoticed
Lost amid all the political name-calling last week, President Trump's infrastructure reforms would actually go far toward kick-starting many badly needed projects. And they'll do so without spending massive amounts of money.

The media made a big deal of Trump on Thursday disbanding his infrastructure advisory board. Given the poisonous politics of the day, it's not surprising.

But, once again, the media largely missed the far more important story of infrastructure reforms that Trump signed by executive order on Tuesday. While not perfect, they are an enormous improvement on the current wasteful and inefficient federal system.

We were initially concerned about the $1 trillion price tag for Trump's infrastructure plan, particularly at a time when spending is already out of control. And, for the record, we're skeptical that this nation faces what some call an "infrastructure crisis" or that more spending is "stimulus." Yes, we have infrastructure needs. But the important questions are what gets built, who pays and how do you keep political pork-barrel politics out of the process? . . .
Unfortunately, the same old political process will probably determine what gets built, and where. Disbanding a political committee of insiders preparing to give the money to their friends for questionable projects is a good start, though.

The way you determine if an infra structure project is needed is if there is an organic demand for it, and people willing to pay the unsubsidized costs to build it. If Trump can find ways to get the government out of the way, it will get done.

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