Friday, August 11, 2017

Reason #5640 That Trump Was Elected

Illegal aliens "sneaking" over the border to Canada: In New York State, A Surprising Flow Of Illegal Emigrants
Up in the northeast corner of New York State is the unincorporated village of Champlain, appropriately named since it sits near the northern end of Lake Champlain. (Also not terribly far from where I go fishing every summer.) At the north end of the village there is a dead end street named Roxham Road. Beyond the dead end there is a path through the woods which brings you to the Canadian border after a relatively short walk. And that little street is attracting visitors from across the nation in droves. (Associated Press)
Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, migrants who came to the U.S. from across the globe — Syria, Congo, Haiti, elsewhere — arrive here where Roxham Road dead-ends so they can walk into Canada, hoping its policies will give them the security they believe the political climate in the United States does not.
“In Trump’s country, they want to put us back to our country,” said Lena Gunja, a 10-year-old from Congo, who until this week had been living in Portland, Maine. She was traveling with her mother, father and younger sister. “So we don’t want that to happen to us, so we want a good life for us. My mother, she wants a good life for us.”
The passage has become so crowded this summer that Canadian police set up a reception center on their side of the border in the Quebec community of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Montreal, or almost 300 miles (480 kilometers) north of New York City.
Leave it to the Canadians and their legendary niceness. They’ve put up a group of tents out there in the woods to “arrest” the illegal aliens, accept their plea for refugee status, feed them and ship them off to a holding facility in the nearest town. According to local reporting, back on our side of the border the Border Patrol has come by once in a while and arrested a couple of people, but for the most part they can’t be bothered. And why should they? The article quotes Border Patrol special operations supervisor Brad Brant as saying, “our mission isn’t to prevent people from leaving.”

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