Friday, October 2, 2015

MMA Fighter Wants "Boob Discount"

Holy Cannolis! The MMA fighter held back by F-cup breasts
This MMA fighter has two really big problems.
Brye Anne Russillo, 29, of Nassau County, says her F-cup breasts are forcing her to fight in a heavier weight division.

“It’s not like I can take a nail file and hack off my t- -s,” the amateur brawler and single mother told The Post after revealing her predicament to My MMA News.

“It’s not like I have a pink sparkly shelf to put them on. I’m trying to lose weight, but my boobs are what they are. I went to pastry school and I’m Italian, so I ate a lot of cannolis.”
Well, she could, but it would be painful and irreversible, and she clearly has found other uses for them.
She is slated to fight Paige Lian on Saturday for the 150-pound title in the Aggressive Combat Championships in Queens.

It took Russillo’s team more than three months to agree to the bout at the Queens Theatre because she normally fights at 145 pounds, 10 pounds less than Lian’s typical weight.
“The only reason I’m even fighting at 150 is because my t- -s weigh 12 pounds,” she said.
She apparently thinks it would be to her advantage to have the weight of her ginormous ta-tas subtracted from her fighting weight because they're of no use to her in a fight? Heck she could swing those around and knock a light woman clean out of the ring.

The 5-foot-9 bombshell says she’ll try some home remedies to shed weight before the fight.

“I put makeup remover on [my breasts] and then sit in the sauna, because someone told me that it opens your pores and helps you sweat,” Russillo said. “Then I’ll put hemorrhoid creme on them and wrap them over night. I start doing this three nights before the fight.”
And it's pretty clear that when she gained weight it didn't go to her head.

“I’m a single mom who later in life decided to try and get back in shape. I’ve been a career bartender for 12 years. I was drinking a lot and partying while I was at work. Now I train and don’t drink, and I’m actively trying to better my life.”
If she get her way, she could fight Ronda Rousey in bantam weight or feather weight MMA. I would watch that.

Wombat-socho has the big list "Rule 5 Sunday: Time For The Professionals", ready at The Other McCain.

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