Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I'm Back . . .

Another long day of commercial hook and line fishing with Walleye Pete. We started at Cedar Point, right around sunrise. The pole in the center marks the rubble of the old foundation of Cedar Point Lighthouse. Fish were caught. I lost my best of the day.
In this long shot, you can see a commercial "buy boat" headed out.
The Honga River Bridge. No fish to speak of.
The high tide was still very high in after the big blow. The water was well up into the grass on Hooper's Island.
A point along the Hooper's Island.
Skipping over a few fish that were caught. Down to Holland Island, the Bobcat in the water a little way from the old excavator.

Big fish of the day, caught by Pete.

Overall, another outstanding day. Between 4 people we sent over 110 Stripers to market.

My hands feel like claws, and my shoulders and back hurt.

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