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Boy this stuff piles up quick.

Email from Employee at Hillary's Cloud Server Company: "This Whole Thing Is Really Covering Up Some Shady Shit"
Pretty much could be the name of the Hillary Clinton biography.
"This whole thing really is covering up some shady s–t,"the employee said in an Aug. 19 company email obtained by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
The concerns by the Colorado-based Platte River Networks employee were aired after the Clinton camp ordered a reduction in the data stored during each server backup.
The limits were ordered after the State Depart
ment contacted the former secretary of state in summer 2014 to inquire about her private e-mail records.
The employee seems to have become alarmed by this sequence of events, and asked in an email (internally, I assume, because I doubt the employee directly accused Clinton of "shady shit") for confirmation of "their directive" to reduce the number of emails saved.
This Hillary Clinton is a very special lady.

An employee of the computer company that maintained Hillary Rodham Clinton's ­email server questioned if he was part of a coverup, according to documents ­released Tuesday.
There may be ANOTHER Clintonemail server
There’s another data company involved in the Hillary Clinton email saga. The FBI is trying to get a hold of Datto Inc.’s backup server to see if any of Clinton’s State Department emails can be found on it. It appears the company was hired to be the backup in May 2013, which is after Clinton left the State Department. The Washington Post writes that could mean Datto has just a few Clinton’s emails. Of course, it also means they could have a few years’ worth.
A Datto official said that investigators may be able to recover the e-mails if the data existed at the time the company was hired in May 2013 and had not been altered since.
A spokesman for Platte River, Andy Boian, said his company assumed that Datto would have retained data for only a short period and older e-mails would no longer be available.
CNN writes Clinton Executive Service Corp. handled the financing of the back up server, but Platte River actually bought it. So whether this was all done at the suggestion of Platte River or if Clinton cried out “BRING ME…ANOTHER SERVER!” like one of the Knights Who Say Ni isn’t clear. At the same time, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent Datto a letter suggesting the Clintons wanted to figure out if any of the backups could be deleted. He even points out Platte River workers may have been worried about the data backups, according to one employee email.
. . .
This entire thing is so complicated, so…Clinton. This was a sitting Secretary of State using a private server and email to conduct government business. This same Secretary of State decided it was okay to get classified information sent to her email, even though there are former government workers out there who say the information was “born classified.” The server was never really secure to begin with because Russian hackers went after it at least five times. It’s absolutely amazing, and yet makes total sense that Clinton would have this set up and damn the consequences. Clinton can claim all she wants this private server was done “for convenience,” but is it really convenient when it appears you might be breaking federal law and maybe trying to hide information from the government at the same time?
 Shock: Top Hillary Clinton Aide Lied About Using Personal Email for Business With Reporters
As Luke Skywalker said to Darth Vader: "No... that can't be true. That's impossible!"
Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines repeatedly lied about using a personal email address to communicate with reporters, records show. Emails uncovered after Gawker successfully sued the State Department show that Reines regularly corresponded with reporters using a personal Gmail address, despite previously dismissing the suggestion as a "cockamamie theory," saying his personal email account "is about the last place I want to be emailing reporters or conducting work."
Gawker's initial request under the Freedom of Information Act was initially denied after the State Department claimed to have no record of Reines's correspondence with reporters. The emails, about 18,000 in total, are coming to light now thanks to a successful legal appeal.
Well it sure seems that Hillary and all of her aides are pretty determined that they will not produce any documents for anyone, whether legally compelled to do so or not.
Must be because they're so honest. . .
Hillary: Questions about my e-mail are “beyond the pale”
Old and busted: Most transparent administration ever! New hotness: Reviewing work-related e-mails hidden from Congress and several courts adjudicating FOIA requests is “beyond the pale.” NBC’s Today show caught up with Hillary Clinton at a town hall in New Hampshire, where the presumed Democratic frontrunner is still telling people that the probe into her e-mail is still just a partisan witch hunt:

So much for a show of contrition and humility, eh?

Give NBC’s Savannah Guthrie credit, though, for not just leaving it at that. She asks Hillary, “Do you get how bad this looks?” Hillary’s response: Hey, I’m the most transparent government official “in American history“! It’s just bad form to actually check up on it, apparently:
Hearings on Hillary: Four Witnesses Trey Gowdy needs before Hillary testifies:
1. A technical person, currently working for or retired from the NSA, describing our technical capability in communications (in an overview sense, of course) and the reason for that capability. And then the danger of not using that capability, which was developed over a long time at ruinous expense.

2. A technical person familiar with the entire operations of PC’s and the official State system, back-up protocols and procedures, and the capabilities of hardware and how they can be circumvented.

3. A well-qualified author who can briefly review 20th- and 21st-century signals espionage. . .

4. The issues facing the US during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Benghazi, South China Sea, and countless others that we don’t know about. Have an expert testify what an enemy can glean from hacking into senior level communications – what the United States knows and is interested in; what it sees as important, what we are not interested in, and therefore what secret projects of the enemy are still secret. Etc.
State Department Turning Over Huma ‘Double Dipping’ Documents Next Week
The State Department is planning to turn over documents related to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s outside employment to a watchdog group next week, according to a court filing on Monday.

Judicial Watch sued the State Department earlier this year for records regarding Abedin’s position as a “special government employee” under Clinton. Abedin was granted SGE status at the State Department—which allowed her to hold outside roles at the Clinton Foundation and private companies—from 2012 until early 2013.

The new documents could shed light on whether Abedin’s dual roles at the State Department and outside companies posed a conflict of interest.

A judge recently ordered the department to submit an estimate of how many documents it had found related to the request. The State Department said on Monday it found 51 pages of potentially responsive records and estimated that they would take a week to review.
So much for the constitution. Hillary: When I’m president, we’re closing the “gun-show loophole” whether Congress wants to or not
If this sounds familiar, it’s because Obama took the same attitude towards executive amnesty. Either Congress could give him what he wanted by legalizing illegals or he’d give himself what he wanted by legalizing illegals unilaterally. The president no longer loses in our system of (giggle) separation of powers, at least if he has a complacent caucus from his own party in Congress that’s willing to defend him on every power grab at their branch’s expense. Hillary’s building on that precedent now, in the middle of a surprisingly tough primary campaign, to stroke one of the few political erogenous zones that excites the left more than open borders does.
. . .
The proposal most likely to generate controversy is using executive action to close the so-called gun show loophole, if efforts to pass new measures in Congress do not succeed, according to a campaign aide to Mrs. Clinton, who asked for anonymity to lay out the plans before the candidate does…
A central issue in Mrs. Clinton’s proposals are the background checks on prospective gun buyers, which are required for retailers at stores. But under federal law, they are not required at gun shows or over the Internet with private sellers.
Under Mrs. Clinton’s plan, she would use administrative powers to make anyone selling a substantial number of guns declared “in the business” of firearms dealing, and subject to the same rules as retailers, if Congress does not act, according to the campaign aide.
It was not immediately clear what the bar for being declared “in the business” would be. 
. . . To the extent that today’s Hillary proposal is designed to capitalize on public horror over yet another massacre on an American campus, it’s an exercise in “gesture liberalism,” a feelgood do-something measure that doesn’t actually address a major problem. In fact, even the way this supposed problem is framed is a lie: As many of you already know, the “gun-show loophole” that supposedly allows anyone to sell an arsenal of weapons to a buyer without a background check is nothing of the sort. Where the sale occurs doesn’t matter, as Sean Davis explains. Whether at a gun show or anywhere else, if you’re selling weapons to the public repetitively and in any kind of volume, you’re a dealer for purposes of the law and are required to perform a check of the buyer. The “loophole” that permits sales without a background check effectively only covers sales between two private individuals who live in the state and only if the seller isn’t selling guns regularly. Think “dad selling his pistol to his son,” not “guy in a booth selling AR-15s to dozens of strangers at a gun show.”
This should be amusing: Kathleen Willey vows to 'haunt' Hillary throughout campaign

Kathleen Willey, one of the women caught in the crossfire of alleged sexual harassment by former President Bill Clinton and what she characterizes as acts of intimidation to silence her, announced new plans to “haunt” Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

During a radio interview Sunday, Willey delivered a message to Clinton: “I am going to be shadowing you every single place you go to remind people, especially young people, young women, college-aged students who don’t remember any of this. I want them to know all about this. Because once they do they are not going to be real proud of supporting her as the first women president.”

“I am going to haunt her everywhere she goes,” Willey stated of Clinton. “So she’s not going to get rid of me ever until she disappears.”

“And I have plans already for New Hampshire,” she said, referring to the Democratic Party presidential primaries.

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