Friday, August 30, 2013

Stay There, Kitty!

Cyclist Has Amazing Encounter with a Mountain Lion in Los Angeles
Known for its scenic vistas, Mulholland Drive intersects the city of Los Angeles and is popular with residents and tourists for its splendid views. But one view you don’t usually encounter is a mountain lion eating a deer. Irv Nilsen, who took these amazing photos, happened to be riding his motorcycle on Mulholland this past Sunday and became the first person to discover the mountain lion. Soon after, cyclist Danny Benson pedaled by and also received a big surprise. As he told CBSLA News last night, at first he just thought the deer was roadkill...

This was sent to me by my brother Mark, who lives in the area, and drives these roads routinely. It's one of those things; you'd like to see a mountain lion in wild, but you wouldn't want to get too personal with it.

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