Monday, August 12, 2013

Did a Little Fishing

Mark, myself, and four nieces and nephews took a half day bottom fishing trip today out of Avila Beach, from Patriot Charters. We arrived at 6 AM for 7 AM departure, which, was only a little late. A few pics

Avila Beach clouded in the early morning.

Fishing was OK, if not outstanding. Everyone caught fish, including the 12 year old niece. All told, between the six of us we caught 43 fish. Fish tacos for dinner tonight.


The Sea Lions seem to occupy all available flat surfaces.

Avila beach defogged by noon as we came in.

A large number of sea birds are attracted to the discards as the mates fillet the catch (for a dollar a fish).

Pelicans, of course.

And a variety of gulls.

You don't mean me, do you?


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