Friday, August 30, 2013

States Rights: Good for Pot, Not for Marriage

A blistering attack on the hypocrisy of liberals and the Obama administration who see states rights through the Fresnel lens of what they want. States’ Rights: OK for Dopeheads; Hateful Hillbilly Bible-Thumpers, Not So Much
...the re-election of President Obama meant that the gay agenda would be imposed top-down by executive authority, and the Internal Revenue Service will now recognize same-sex marriage without regard for whether it is legal in the couple’s state of residence.

The “Don’t Ask Bradley Manning, Don’t Tell Chelsea Manning” policy was wiped out by a stroke of Obama’s pen, and the Supreme Court has voided the Defense of Marriage Act, so that the “emerging awareness” doctrine articulated by Justice Kennedy in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling has advanced to the point that, with the de facto federal imposition of gay marriage (despite constitutional amendments to the contrary in more than 30 states) we are now a judicial hop, skip and jump from a Supreme Court decision mandating compulsory sodomy
While state-based opposition to gay marriage is thus rendered meaningless by Treasury Department decree, however, the Department of Justice has decided that federal drug laws are optional and if states legalize marijuana, hey, toke up, dude. Party on.

So, basically, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, was cause for celebration by dopeheads and buttf*ckers. In Obama’s America, sodomy and sinsemilla are the most important national priorities.
I think that he's probably wrong. Liberal see states rights are great as long as they advance "the agenda", but once a foothold is gotten in a state, anywhere, the demand that the new entitlement (gay marriage, getting stoned at work, or choosing the bathroom of an inappropriate sex) be nationwide becomes the great goal.  States rights was never a goal unto itself, only a pit stop in the race to Gomorrah.

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