Friday, August 9, 2013

"Evil Genius" Retiring from Senate

No, not a Senator (I would hardly call any of them geniuses, but a lot of them evil), but rather the Republican aides that helped to negotiate the $700 Billion bank bailout.  Washington Post article (pay wall warning), from deep down inside:
Still, White House negotiators see their departures as a bad sign. One administration official, who dealt with Kumar during the fiscal-cliff talks, called him an “evil genius” whom the White House never trusted totally but viewed as a principled opponent who knew the policy, had “a nose for the deal” and was always genuinely trying to defuse the bomb du jour.
And as an example of his evilness (evility?)
The recent fiscal-cliff fight, however, was “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Kumar said. The holidays were ruined. The Senate would end up working until well after midnight on New Year’s Eve. And after a string of long days when Kumar missed saying good night to his daughter, he decided to use the FaceTime feature on a colleague’s iPad to say good night in person.

“She immediately started crying and saying, ‘Daddy, come home. Daddy, come home,’ ” Kumar recalled. Later, with Kiera safely asleep, Chapman told him: “Whenever you’re ready to be done with this, I’m not going to stop you.”
I just don't see how any work can get done with such cruel people in power.

Meanwhile, Carter Eskew is telling us that:
A portion of the party is baring a very ugly and angry soul to the nation.
 By whom he means Republicans, not Democrats.

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