Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to the MdSSR

We had a great visit to California over the past week or so, if you've been following the blog, but vacations must end.  We made it back more or less intact.  Our flights backs went more or less as expected.  We had another sunny morning in McKinleyville, so there was no problem getting out on time. 

A comment on TSA.  There were 3 people working the security at McKinleyville, for a few flights  daily with about 30 people aboard.  Needless to say the line was short, but the security was both friendlier and more thorough there than when we went through Baltimore on the way out.  I was gently chided for putting the IPad and Kindle on top of the laptop; some kind of no-no for the X-ray.  I still agree with others that it's mostly security theater, and very little actual security is gained by this enormous government bureaucracy.

We had a decent, but not excessive layover in San Francisco, but the plane was late coming in, and once we boarded the airplane, we sat on the taxiway another naps worth, and by the time it was all over we were 45 minutes late taking off.  The pilot made up some time on his way across county, but we still touched down in Baltimore about 12:30 AM.  Ugh.  At least it was only 9:30 PDT.  By the time we got luggage, woke up the guy at the Wingate Inn shuttle and had him come and get us and take us to the car it was well past 1:30 AM. 

The drive home was astonishing.  We did not hit a single red light on the entire route, which is astonishing if you know Rt. 301 and Rt. 4 in Maryland.  We made it in what I can only assume is record time, less than 1 hr we think (we didn't think to make a proper note of our departure and arrival time).  After a bit of snack, we made it to be by 3:00 AM, and were awakened by the dentist's office calling to reschedule an appointment about 9:30.

Lots of things left to do today.  I've already fixed up the fish tank, mowed the lawn, and checked on the boat (it's out of the water being bottom painted, and should be ready tomorrow). In a little while, we have to go over to Megan's and make our final good bye's to Skye.

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