Thursday, August 15, 2013

Did a Little More Fishing

Yesterday Georgia and I traveled from Pismo Beach to McKinleyville, where Georgia's sister and family live. We flew from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco, where we waited 4 hours for the flight to McKinleyville (also known as Arcata airport), this morning, Mary's husband John, and their oldest son Byron met a boat in Trinidad Harbor, a few miles north, for another rock fishing trip.

The kelp flies were thick today, and mildly obnoxious, but unlike the flies in Maryland, they don't bite, just walk all over you.

As I said, it was a rock fish trip, and we caught a pretty good number. Overall, the fish were larger than the ones we caught out of Pismo, and we were using lighter tackle, with jigs, so it was a better day.

As you can see, we got a pretty good sized pile of fish between the three of us.

The odd one, a Kelp Greenling. I hope it's tasty...

Back in Trinidad.



  1. The big one - black or blue rockcod?

    Greenies are ok. Not my favorite.

    Love the pics from the SLO area.

  2. The big one was a black; we caught some smaller blues.

    I ate the greenling, and it was fine. Better than striped bass; not that that's a high bar.