Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Sinbad's Sailor Women

For this morning's  Rule 5 post, another theme.  This one is for the poor girls destined to pay second fiddle to Sinbad, in the new serialized (and very loose) adaption of the classic tale on SciFi.  It just finished it's first season (assuming it has a second) so you may have catch it in "On Demand" or in reruns.
First up is Marama Corlett, described as:
Rina is tough, tiny and secretive, a skilled thief with a feral quality. Sneaking on board the ship in hope of finding rich pickings, she becomes stranded when it unexpectedly sails out of port. She is selfish, always putting her own personal safety and preservation above her comrades, but she finds an unexpected connection with the gang on their adventures and their faith in her helps her build faith in herself.
Born and raised in Malta, Marama's first career is in dance, with Ballet Russ de Malt, but she has one film "The Devil's Double" (2011) under her belt and two more in the works.
Estella Daniels plays Nala...
...the beautiful and intelligent daughter of an african diplomat. She had a cultured and sophisticated upbringing and is used to being waited on hand and foot, but things are different on board the Providence, where she and her father are on the run from a mysterious past.
Estella is also an English dancer, with some film and TV credits , and currently also appears in "Da Vinci's Demons" and "Death in Paradise." She learned to swim for Sinbad
Tuppence Middleton (now there's a British name) plays Tiger:
Tiger is a bounty hunter, rumoured to have been raised by tigers. She's happy for people to believe the tales of her childhood, and even encourages it to enhance her mystique. Tiger was, however, the daughter of a warlord. He was so incensed when his wife gave birth to a girl instead of a boy that he left her in the wilds to die. Raised by an old woodsman who taught her everything there is to know about tracking and wilderness survival, Tiger is now a world-class hunter of men.
Shockingly, I know, Tuppence is a British actress, best known for her appearance in "Tormented" (2009), and chewing gum ads.

Now, more pictures of the women of Sinbad below the jump.


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