Wednesday, August 14, 2013

‘Male Feminist’ Is a Psychotic Pervert

OK, So This Happened: ‘Male Feminist’ Hugo Schwyzer Is a Psychotic Pervert
Pasadena City College Professor Hugo Schwyzer is famous for supporting the feminist agenda and, by “supporting the feminist agenda,” of course I mean banging fine young undergraduate poontang.
Some have accused Professor Hugo Schwyzer of faking his mental illness, of trying to get himself a taxpayer-funded “disability” vacation, or of attempting to establish the pretext for an insanity defense in advance of any investigation of his perverted sexual behavior.
Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt: Hugo Schwyzer is crazy.
He’s been crazy for years, and his madness took a form that, while increasingly common for women, is rare among men: Feminism.
Not all crazy people are feminists, but all feminists are crazy.

 Read the whole thing. Have I told you how bad blogging from an IPad is yet today? I have?

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