Saturday, August 17, 2013

Arcata Market Morning

It's not much of a lie to say I grew up in Arcata.  It was the first place I ever lived without my family, back in 1969, after I came here to go to Humboldt State College (which soon became Humboldt University).  A far northern outpost at the time, it was a place where many parents sent their kids to get away from the burgeoning hippie movement at the time.

It didn't work, as the kids just brought it with them, and started a new center of "live off the land" hippies.  It persists that way today, and the most notable expression of it is the weekly farmers market in the town square, where the aging hippies and their spiritual and real progeny come to sell their goods.

It's a good place to come and buy some fruits and vegetables, some bread, a few crafty type items.

Today was an amazing day by north coast standards, no fog, blue sky, and hot sun.  A good day to lie in the sun...

or you can  Decorate William McKinley.  I remember marching around him while protesting the bombing of Cambodia and the Kent State shootings

Listen to some live music.  The band was good, and did a pretty nice variety of music.  I was shocked to see and hear a pedal steel guitar being played.
Or a good morning to dance, if that's how you feel...

I was surprised to see the number of people with tattoos, especially on the women.  A selection:

Rule 5 Sunday didn't come around until Tuesday at The Other McCain this week, busy Wombat!

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