Friday, August 2, 2013

Double Bay Day

A surprisingly lovely day for Slower Maryland in August. Sunny but with temps in the high 70's, humidity in the "there, but not awful" range.  So good we even decided to bring Skye (who nagged to go).

A few people were making use of the beach by 10:30, but only the serious tanners.

The crabbers are setting the pots close to the beach.  In the warm water, the crabs seem to move closer to the shallow waters near shore.

In the evening, after an early dinner, I took advantage of the west winds (now up to 10 mph) to take a short fishing trip.
These birds were not convinced I was going to have any luck.  However, about half way down to "Location X" I found birds working over fish.  A quick survey of 3 fish with a top water plug showed them to be little stripers, about 12 inches long, so I moved on.
Finally, in the "golden hour" for both fishing and photography, I got a big hit on a top water plug (Heddon Zara Spook) and caught this 25 inch fish in water almost as shallow as the fish is long.  A few minutes later, I caught a 21 inch in the same area, and it was time to go home.
One of the cruise ships head out of Baltimore on its way out. Cruises leave out of Baltimore for Bermuda, the Caribbean, and northern ports, in the US and Canada.
Not too bad, to be coming home at sunset with a limit of rockfish after a couple hours of fishing.

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