Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sphinx Moth at the Beach

Today was overcast, about 80F and muggy.  We left Skye at home so we could take a longer walk.  We arrived later than usual, and there were a few more people on the beach than we often encounter.
 A solitary sandpiper of some sort.  If my golden book of birds is right, it's probably a Spotted Sandpiper (Actitus macularia).  Although the books claim they're common, I believe that's the first I've noticed here.
I was hanging around some Honeysuckle growing on the cliff, trying to get some good photos of Spicebush Butterflies when this Sphinx Moth, most likely the White Lined Sphinx Moth ( Hyles lineata) buzzed by.
Did I mention the Spicebush Swallowtail Butterflies?  They were out in abundance, too, on the Honeysuckle, in the Kudzu and puddling on the beach, along with the usual Eastern Tiger Swallowtails.
 A good day for a paddle...
Or to just sit by the water.

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