Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rule 5 Saturday - Diane Kruger - The Bridge to Troy

This weeks lucky Rule 5 subject object is Diane Kruger.  A couple of weeks ago we starting watching "The Bridge", an absolutely chilling murder mystery series about a series of murders in Juarez, Mexico, across the border from El Paso, Texas via 'The Bridge."
Diane plays the role of Sonya Cross, a detective from El Paso who would be labeled with Asperger  Syndrome, if Asperger's hadn't been eliminated as a legitimate diagnosis having been dropped from the DSM-5.   For example, feeling horny, she drops into a bar, and being offered a drink by a hunk, she declines.  When said hunk wanders off with his feelings hurt, she hunts him down and asks why.  When he reminds her she declined his drink, she says she wanted sex, not a drink.  You can guess what followed.
Diane is the first German I've featured as a Rule 5 girl. Her original career plan as a ballerina being ended by injury, modeling and acting became her Plan B.  Since I have no interest in opera, I'm OK with that.

In the past Diane has starred in both "National Treasures" (2004, 2007) , Troy (2004)"Inglorious Bastards" (2009) and "The Host" (2013), among others.

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  1. an interesting weekend, would keep her away from weapons, close to other chicks