Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spain Taxes Sunlight

Or rather the use of sunlight by 'ordinary people' to make energy.  In a move to protect their solar industry, Spain is taxing private makers of solar energy prohibitively for the sin of using the sun to make their own power.  Note that article is "Google translated" from the original.  You should try reviewing a scientific paper that reads like this...
Spain privatizes the sun. Spaces generate power for consumption
Madrid, July 21 ( - were "privatized" the Sun in Spain: if you get caught collecting photons of sunlight for your own use you can drop a fine not exceeding 30 million. So if you were thinking that this false crisis caused, the best option was just to have some solar panels that were down 80% at cost and have the opportunity to disconnect from the mains and your bill scam, you can forget.
The possibility of producing your own electricity using renewable resources solar panels or small wind turbines installed on private property-is very attractive for Spanish homes. "Out of every 50 incoming calls per month, 35 are of particular interest in the subsistence" says Francesc Mateu, manager of Sun Gironés, a company specializing in renewable energy and pioneers in this sector. "At the moment we say they have to wait until September or October that things are clearer," he adds.
Spain, putting the 'S' in PIIGS.

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