Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Inevitable Question

Leathers or Lewinsky?  Count Stacy McCain as a Monica man.

Given a Hypothetical Choice Between Monica Lewinsky and Sydney Leathers?
De gustibus non est disputandum, of course, but any man who would prefer tattooed Sydney to the alabaster-complexioned Monica . . .

Maybe it takes a Southern good ol’ boy to understand why Bill Clinton liked more cushion for the pushin’, as fellows say down home.

Not that Sydney Leathers is particularly thin, but when it comes to the question of which gal looks like she’d appreciate a dinner date at Cracker Barrel — country fried steak and gravy, turnip greens, pinto beans, hashbrown casserole, biscuits and cornbread — I don’t think there can be any question: Monica is the plus-size winner.

What a lovely girl! Her green eyes are beautiful, her dark hair is beautiful and her mouth . . . Well, of course, I’m a happily married man, but this is strictly a hypothetical scenario, remember?

 Yeesh.  I didn't think tramp stamps metastasized. Compare to...

As for my opinion? Neither, not even with Weiner's wiener.  

Also, you should watch Sydney Leather's interview with Howard Stern:

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