Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monkeys Mob Moron

Monkeying With Biden’s Security
Mr. Biden started a four-day visit to India Monday with a trip to the Gandhi Smriti, a memorial to the leader of India’s freedom movement at the site where he was assassinated in New Delhi in 1948.

In what could be described as bad timing, about a dozen adult monkeys–some with babies in tow– took a fancy to thick clusters of raw mangoes hanging on a tree above a tall statue of Gandhi, just before the American dignitary was due to reach the spot on his carefully choreographed walkabout of the site.
As Mr. Biden and his wife walked towards the statue, and the monkey filled mango tree, Monday evening, photographers trained their cameras on the couple with a glint of anticipation. But no fruit fell from the tree as the U.S. vice president posed for a few seconds in front of the statue. Perhaps his security team had that covered too.
Professional courtesy.

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