Monday, July 22, 2013

Give an Eagle a Fish...

...and feed him for a day.  Teach it to hunt, and it will make the Ospreys nervous forever.

When we arrived at the beach this morning, we immediately saw these two Bald Eagles, one siting on the channel marker, and the other on the South Jetty.  The one on the maker had a white head and tail, marking it as adult, and the one on the jetty had a juvenile's dark head and tail.
The juvenile was calling to the adult; I presume it was hungry and wanted food and was hoping for Mom (or Dad?) to get out and steal a fish for it.  The adult was not in a hurry to go anywhere; maybe it's time for Jr. to go off and learn to bushwhack his own Ospreys, or failing that, even catch a fish on his or her own.
The adult seemed to understand that being across the channel from it, I was no threat, and allowed me to get right across from it.  The youngster, however, got nervous, and took off.  What big wings!
Otherwise, a pretty good day.  A "cold" front (really rather tepid) came through last evening with some rumbles of thunder, and a pittance of rain, and cooled our weather off a few degrees. However, it's starting to heat up again already.

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