Friday, July 19, 2013

Has Weiner Climaxed?

Weiner Peters Out In New Siena Poll
The good news is the loathsome Anthony Weiner has cratered in the latest Siena poll. The bad news is the woman now leading him is no more qualified to be mayor of New York City. This is the best a city of 8 million people can offer?
The poll found that among Democratic voters, Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, is leading the field, with support from 27 percent, followed by Anthony D. Weiner, a former congressman, who was supported by 18 percent. Bill de Blasio, the public advocate, and William C. Thompson Jr., a former comptroller, were each backed by 11 percent of Democratic voters, while John C. Liu, the current comptroller, had support from 7 percent.

Ms. Quinn may be benefiting from the desire among voters for a more empathetic leader.

Over all, 61 percent of voters said a candidate’s ability to understand the needs and problems of ordinary New Yorkers was the most important factor.
We suppose the voters want a mommy or daddy instead of a competent leader. They get what they deserve if they vote for one of these schlubs.

Asked what problems the next mayor should prioritize, the most frequently cited were the economy and jobs, followed by education, crime and housing.

You mean gay marriage and climate change aren’t the top issues? How can this be?
I really hope Dickhead Weiner gets elected.  After all, It New York's problem, and how much worse can they do than Bloomberg?  And if Weiner is not in office, the penis jokes aren't quite as funny.

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