Friday, July 26, 2013

Because Nobody Cares About Social Issues Anymore

First, the headlines:


– Inside Edition

–American Power

– KPBS-TV, San Diego

– The Hill

– Los Angeles Times

- Fox News


Now, the serious commentary: These are not the disease, these are merely symptoms of the disease, and the pattern is not coincidental.

Why has Amanda Bynes gone crazy? Why is Sydney Leathers being treated like a celebrity? Why can’t Anthony Weiner remember how many women he “sexted”? Why is Miley Cyrus naked? Why does Bob Filner think “therapy,” and not resignation, is the answer?

Don’t tell me we don’t know the answer to why President Ho Chi Minh is in the White House and Amanda Bynes is in the nuthouse. This kind of escalating madness doesn’t “just happen,” does it?
As they say, read the rest.

And Miley is rapidly following Amanda Bynes down the road to insanity;  count the drug references:

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