Thursday, July 11, 2013

CDC: Salt Won't Hurt You, And That Pisses Us Off

A recent report commissioned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reviewed the health benefits of reducing salt intake and the take-home message is that salt, in the quantities consumed by most Americans, is no longer considered a substantial health hazard. What the CDC study reported explicitly is that there is no benefit, and may be a danger, from reducing our salt intake below 1 tsp per day.
Basically, the report says that consuming anything between 1-1/2 and 3 tsp of salt per day is just fine, and there were adverse effects from eating more than that or less than that.
It may be that we're better off with more salt than less, up to 2 or even 3 tsp per day. How did it happen that such standard medical advice drifted astray, then went un-corrected for so long?
Wishful thinking by those who want to tell us what to eat and drink.

Michael Bloomberg was shattered, I'm sure. He'll need to find something else to campaign against.

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