Monday, March 18, 2013

The Steubenville Horror

In Steubenville Ohio, back in August, 2012, two boys, high school football players, apparently took advantage of a 16 year old girl who had too much to drink.  Not exactly unheard of anywhere in the United States, or elsewhere in the world for that matter.  Liquor has been making women better looking and more compliant, and men more desirable since monkeys discovered fermented fruit lying on the ground.  The offense was revealed in a way somehow emblematic of our age, photographs of the party shared on cell phones and the internet.

What happened next was the true travesty of justice:
With an eager assist from Anonymous and a handful of smearmongering blogs, the media allowed this crime committed by two teenagers to metasticize into a bogus narrative that impugned the entire town of Steubenville and even the tradition of high school football, per se. The effort to turn this one incident into a symbol — something about “rape culture” or whatever — is typical of how the media get it wrong with their “make a difference” social-justice crusader mentality.

People who can think for themselves value reporting that gets the facts right, without any What It Means sermonettes.
No, a town is not responsible for the misbehavior of two of its residents, a sport is not responsible for the crimes of the people who play it. People are responsible for their own behavior.

The two boys were found guilty of "being delinquent" in a juvenile court proceedings lasting four days, and sentenced to detention in a juvenile correction facility.

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