Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chesapeake Bay Nature Cams

Spring is here, and it seems like everybody is setting up web cams to put wildlife on the web.  I'll start with two, and update as necessary

First, the Shad Cam, courtesy of Capt. Mike Starrett, who reminds us every year.  In this camera you can watch anadromous fish (mostly shad and herring) as they move up the James River past Bosher's Dam on their way up stream to spawn

The Shad Cam

And from the Nature Conservancy, the Osprey Cam, a web cam directed at the nest of a pair of newly arrived Ospreys, named Tom and Audrey, build their nest and raise their young (hopefully)

The Osprey Cam

This one doesn't work in Firefox,  (and it's really not working from IE 5), so I hope it works better for you

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