Monday, March 25, 2013

Maryland Bag Bill Bombs

In a setback for environmentalists, a House committee killed a bill Saturday that would have enabled counties to impose a fee on disposable plastic and paper bags given out by stores to carry merchandise.

The Economic Matters Committee voted 14-9 to disapprove the measure, sponsored by Del. Mary Washington, a Baltimore Democrat. The bill had earlier been passed by the Environmental Affairs Committee but required the approval of both panels.
I consider this a blow for "bag freedom of choice."  Now people are free to choose whatever bags are available, at whatever price the retailer includes in his profit margin, without paying a special tax to the government.

There is also the fact that reusable bags, the bags that environmentalist are attempting to foist on all of us, are known sources of disease, and associated with higher rates of death due to intestinal infections in places where they are mandated, like San Francisco.

If it only saves one life!

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