Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh My, What a Morning at the Beach

Oh my, what a morning!  Sunny, warm, but not too warm, not too humid and just the right amount of breeze.  Weather doesn't get any better than this.
Skye decided that these sun bathers needed checking out.

The water has warmed up to comfortable wading temperatures.  We waded around looking for shark's teeth, but it wasn't really good day for us.

However, Joel brought the big one he found last week for our viewing pleasure.  This is a once a year grade tooth, a fine specimen of what we call the extinct Mako, but which is likely a precursor to the modern Great White Shark.

A good day for a ride on a jet ski.
Or to paddle around in the shallows while silly dad looks for sharks teeth

 Or to paddle around in a kayak.

The flower of the day.  I still haven't figured out what this is.  It's a shrub with leaves like a Black Locust, but a very different flower.
I also took a picture with a flash, and it looked very different, because the flash brought out the purple in the flower, and somehow diminished the orange.

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