Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Think It Was a Plot to Make the Woman Look Smarter

At the debate's start, a curvy model wearing a form-fitting white dress with a revealing cutout showing off her generous cleavage, presented a box for candidates to draw papers that would determine who would go first.

The sultry mystery woman's momentary appearance stole the show. Julia Orayen, a model and former Playboy Playmate was acting as a Mexican Vanna White for the event. The stunning—and distracting--brunette appeared for all of 30 seconds, but it was long enough to set the twitterverse on fire, turning grown men into 13-year-old boys.
I've been trying to cut down on the boobage, to keep a more serious blog (naw, not really), but this is just too good to pass by:
The sole woman candidate who participated in the debate forum, Josefina Vazquez Mota said she thought Orayen "very attractive" but that the dress was inappropriate, adding, "I was surprised, and I [thought], 'Well, what sort of event are we attending here?'"
I think that's obvious.

Pretty good job of not staring, guys, except for the second from the right.

Thanks to Wombat-Socho for taking my early submissions for the weekly Rule 5 link around at The Other McCain's "I Need to Know", and also to The Classical Liberal who linked it with "She's the Woman."

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