Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mendenhall Glacier (and More Juneau)

After another leisurely breakfast we got off the ship and arranged for a bus ride to and from Mendenhall Glacier. At the glacier, we left my parents at the visitors center and Georgia and I head off for a hike up to near the head , and just below Nugget Falls.

Icebergs floating in Mendenhall Lake

Later in the afternoon we walked off the ship into Juneau, looking for a new bridge between the camera and the IPad. After visiting an Apple store and three camera stores, and walking 2 miles, we found one not 100 yards from the ship.

A couple of old friends from Maryland in a new location.

Juneau is full of Ravens. Not the little old crows from home, but giant, heavy beaked, diamond tailed Ravens

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