Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Statism Starts at Home

Statism begins at home.

It begins with small things, often at the city or county level.

It begins with well meaning regulations on things like when you can take your trash to the curb for pick up — and regulations which can order you to return the cans to your house within a specified time frame.

Regulations which will force you to sell an old car you're fixing up in your driveway — simply because the neighbors think it an eyesore — regardless of current insurance and tags.

For the most part we accept these little annoyances, perhaps with some muttering under our breaths or a bit of table banging blustering down at the local coffee shop after we get a ticket.

A few of the most vocal of us might actually call our city councilman and blister his ear with little or no expectation anything will change.

And year by year the regulations mount in towns across the country, becoming just as stifling as the myriad federal regulations which intrude into our daily lives.

Little by little, bit by bit we become habituated. We learn to allow the intrusions.

We get broken to the harness.

As they say, read the rest...  Found at the vacationing Insty's. 

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