Friday, July 29, 2011

I Warned You Not To Pick On The Gingers!

Floron arrested after KILLING another man who called him a GINGER!
Richard Starks, Jr., 27, faces second-degree murder charges for landing a lethal sucker punch on Samuel Smith, 19, during a booze fueled house party at 1 a.m.

According to St. Petersburg Times, the men were intoxicated after drinking vodka and Sailor Jerry rum, which ignited a verbal altercation.

Starks, who is described as having “anger issues” grew furious after Smith called him a “ginger” and insulted his “weak knees.” Friends of the suspect say he goes by the nickname “Red” but hates being called a “ginger.”
He uses the nickname "Red", but resents "Ginger" enough to kill someone?  I blame South Park.

Time to remind us again of the ginger's contributions to humanity...

So try and tell me this one has a soul...

OK, so this ones totally fake, and may have a soul after all.

 But in some versions of the elf mythos, elves don't have souls, so this one works.

Thanks for the links Wombat and the Classical Liberal!

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