Sunday, July 17, 2011

Like Yesterday, But Warmer

It's heating up, but not too bad, yet.  The predictions for the upcoming week are pretty horrid.  Today, we had mid 80s, and a little more humid.  A little breeze kept the air moving.  A few clouds drifting by.
Probably the same GBH I photographed yesterday at his perch.  They seem to stake out a section of beach as theirs and defend it against other GBHs with threats.  I've never actually seem them come to blows, however.
 Enough breeze to fill sails.
 A couple of seagulls hoping for a bite to eat.
A couple of neighbor girls with their dog, enjoying the water. 
I showed Odonata coming out of the harbor yesterday, with it's pontoons tucked up to it's hull.  Here she is, just out of the harbor, with her pontoons fully extended, but with her sails not yet raised.

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