Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rule 5 Saturday -The Girls Who Sing

Thalia - Click pictures to enlarge

 Child star gone wild.  One that fame hurt. Nice body.  Can't say too much for her singing.

Christina Aquilera.  A real attention getter.

Country star Dolly Parton, showing off her country credentials...

Faith Hill showing hers.

Amy Winehouse.  Despite her personal problems, I like her singing.  I hope she can get it back together.  Others have.

J Lo, showing poor skills as a raisin smuggler.

Leann Rimes, not even pretending.

 Mariah Carey going gossamer.

 Triple Pink in pink.

Rhianna, in full slut mode.

Thanks to Maggie's Notebook, for picking up the link to this Rule 5 post.  Please stop by her tribute to American military women.  And brother Ted has developed a sudden appreciation for Mila Kunis after she accepted a date to the Marine Ball. Also, the Rule 5 Wombat at the Other McCain's for his link at his weekly compendium.  I agree with him that "sing" might be going a bit far in some these cases, but then, that wasn't really the point, was it?  The Classical Liberal picked it up a week late, but hey, a hit it is hit, right?

UPDATE:  On July 23, one week after this post, Amy Winehouse was found dead in London.  She was 27.  The cause is still under investigation, but...


  1. Thanks Fritz, the photography on your site is beautiful. Looks like you live in paradise.

  2. Thanks Maggie, but I can't take credit for these. Now, beach pictures, flowers, and insects, maybe...