Monday, July 25, 2011

Halifax - Day 2

We got an early start, and headed up the Citadel hill for a view of the city.  For Halifax, this is heat wave, day time temperatures hitting close to 80 (but pretty dry and with a nice breeze). A welcome change from Maryland's real heat wave.

Then we headed down the hill, though town to the convention center, and sat through the morning talks.  The conference provided a good lunch, (not great overall, a spinach salad and some chickeny dish, but some great desserts!).  After lunch we headed down to the waterfront for some exercise.

One of the many boat ride options down on the waterfront.

 A popular kids attraction.  Be sure to click the picture to enlarge, and read the inscription on the stone.

A sign of the times, a boat flying the Jolly Roger comes into the harbor as a Canadian Navy vessel leaves.

 This native seemed unimpressed.

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