Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fish For Dinner

Trevor and I took off to go fishing about 3:30.  After one drift at the power plant, where I hooked and lost one nice fish, we got boarded by the Coasties for a routine safety check.  Here the interviewing officer boards our vessal. 

I really don't mind the Coasties; I like having them around.  Unfortunately, they came when the fishing was best and took about 30 minutes.  One of them asked about fishing, and Trevor had to show them a picture of Goliath he keeps on his phone.

We passed the inspection just fine.  I had all my safety gear in order, and stowed together for easy retrieval.    As soon as we separated, and I started to run back to the fishing area, the flagged me down again; they still had my drivers license and boat registration.  Ooops. 
 We caught a few nice stripers today, but nothing large enough to keep.  This was the largest at 26 inches.  They need to be 28 inches to keep.  So back it went.

Trevor put out his bait rod, tipped with squid and blood worms and began to catch Atlantic Croaker.  We ended up with eight of them.   Croaker are a member of the drum family, and one of the tastiest fish in the bay, when fresh.  Croaker come into the Bay in spring, and work their way up our way by late April. 
We kept the fish in my live well until we get back to the dock.  I took my share of the Croaker home, and I filleted them and Georgia fried them up right away, with a little flour and some Old Bay seasoning.  When the fish is this fresh it does something weird, it curls up when cooked.  If held refrigerated overnight, it no longer does that.  As I said, one of the best eating fish in the bay.
Fried Croaker, a little lemon, a sweet potato, a salad, and some ice tea.

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