Friday, May 27, 2011

Students Suspended for Wearing White Shirts

Soquel Students Suspended for White Supremacy Claims
SOQUEL, Calif. - Students banned from a Central Coast school for wearing a white t-shirt. On Wednesday, Soquel High School suspended at least two students. The students say it's because of allegations, they're part of a white supremacist group.

"All the girls wore pink, all the sports guys wore tank tops," says Soquel High Senior Mikey Donnelly. "We were all going to wear white so that was the plan. Just wear white t-shirts to identify ourselves and look back and say that was our group of friends right there."

Soquel High Senior Mikey Donnelly wore a white t-shirt for his senior class photo Tuesday. About 10 of his friends did the same. That decision may seem harmless. But Soquel High suspended Donnelly for three days because of it...

..."I feel disrespected," says Soquel High Senior David Mine. Mine also wore a white t-shirt and was also suspended. He's missing out on finals and that could jeopardize his graduation. I'm Asian," says Mine. "I don't see how I can be a white supremacist. I'm against it completely."
 The administration better be able to back up their claims that this was a white supremacist group and that they were actually doing something, or being California, they'll be facing serious legal problems.

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  1. My brother is David Mine. What we are focusing on is the fact that he did not receive his due process. And the school has only done the bare minimum to correct the issue. They made him complete two days of suspension and called it served. Now my brother's name has has been thrown out and mixed with a group who would not give him the time of day anyways. The school is refusing to clear his school record and has refused a formal apology. They made accusations that can follow him into his future. This is not an "oops just kidding, my bad" situation.