Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama Limo Gets Stuck

From over at Stacey McCain's, the news that President Obama's newly minted stretch limo high centered and got stuck on an exit ramp at the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland

Maybe it's time to cut back on the cheeseburgers, ice cream, ribs, and the 2200 calorie state dinners...

Of course, the real reason the car got stuck was that it is an 8 ton beast with 8 inch thick steel armor and heavy bullet proof glass windows (it also gets only 8 miles to the gallon, if you're wondering).

And really, I don't care what they eat or what they weigh, as long as they don't preach at me.  And I don't care if they drive a car that gets only 8 mpg, as long as they don't preach at me.


  1. Really? Double Standard? I don't really care about anything in these stories, BUT, When you exercise as much as she does (and yes you can tell, you can see her arms and often times her abs through form-fitting dresses), then YOU can eat 1500 calories in one meal on occasion and think nothing of it as well. If you're up to that level of fitness and kill yourself working out as often as those who work out everyday, you can do it too; if not, don't complain when someone who can literally run rings around most people indulges once in a while. It's actually the key to staying fit and healthy. If you don't treat yourself once in a while (and hello, she's the first lady of the United States, party much?) you're very likely to eat something 'bad', feel guilty, and give up eating right completely since you 'failed'. Lighten up, everyone in this country eats like a pig, she can't do it BECAUSE she's healthy? Seriously?? I think that gives her LESS chance of stroking out at the dinner table, so I think she's got the upper hand there.

  2. Michael Phelps eats 15,000 Calories a day, but he obviously keeps his body in check because of his vigorous workouts. Here's something you don't appear to comprehend, the human body is like a car, the more you move, the more fuel (food) you need. Also, she never EVER said that you can indulge and eat a good fatty meal every now and then, but it's all about living a balanced lifestyle and knowing how to eat in moderation. I promise you that Michelle does not stay home all day watching tv and eating cookies. Another thing, unless she has a gun to your head, she's not forcing you to do anything, she's simply encouraging you to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle. Honestly, if that offends you, then you may just have to question your own habits and take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if maybe your'e not guilty of blind hatred towards Obama and Democrats in general, because once you close your mind, it's very hard to open it again.

  3. The victims are people who inherit slow metabolisms and bigger frames. Don't say the victimizer is the Obamas. It's all the fat people who don't take responsibility for their actions and keep cramming endless crap down their throat. STFU FAT PPL! You brought this upon yourselves.

  4. Mooo-shell! She is such a total hog she's got a nerve telling me to loose weight when she needs to loose like 150 lbs!