Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tornado Sucks Teen Through Sunroof

On his way home from graduation:
One of the many missing people in Joplin, Mo. is Will Norton, who was driving home from his high school graduation when the tornado hit on Sunday.

Will was sucked through the sunroof of the car he was in with his father. His relatives know he was pulled through the car's roof and into the storm overhead. They haven't been able to find him since.
Just bizarre.  Found at Maggie's Notebook. The family has an unconfirmed report that he has been seen at a local hospital.

UPDATE 5/29/11:  This mornings Washington Post confirms Will Upton as one of the people killed in Joplin.  It also reports that the SUV that he was in flipped several times, and that Will was ejected from the vehicle, possibly through the sunroof.  That makes more sense. Our condolences to Will's family, and everyone who lost family in the recent tornado outbreak.

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