Monday, May 16, 2011

Stale Link Dump

Whew, the fridge is bulging again and the stink is starting to spread.  Let's see what I can get rid of here

Iapetus' Equatorial Ridge - A fallen ring?

You Think Arlo figured this out? - THC a possible treatment for Huntington's Disease

I prefer Hypothesis #2 - The Great Parakeet Invasion of England

The World's Ten Most Unusual Streets

German Society of Toxicology Clear bisphenol A - Plastic haters outraged

Similarly, Nuclear Power Cleared in Childhood Leukemia - Not that anyone opposed to nuclear power will believe it.

Faster, Please! - Europe starting to dive under Africa.

World Pole Dancing Championship Performance - Girl with One Eye

Giant Fossil Ants from Wyoming - The size of hummingbirds.

And a Giant Fossil Spider from Mongolia, too.

Doing Something is its Own Reward

Scary Banana Carvings - Not so scary to me; kinda cool, but temporary, though.

Ancient Gazelle Trap in Syria - How much did Asma know and when did she know it?

The Last South China Tiger - Slightly NSFW.

Dogs Really are Man's Best Friend - Women come in distinctly second.

Maybe There's Something to That Tower of Babel Myth - Study points to single original language.

I Guess I'll Just Have to Drink More - Weight loss improves memory.

Plastic Eating Bacteria in the Ocean - working on the giant Pacific garbage pack.

Chitons See With Eyes of Stone - But they don't see very well.

Apache, Remastered - The (slightly insane) mother of all music videos.

Happy Moms Make Happy Kids - I'm shocked.  Lot's of things are learned behavior..

Urge to Own Eric Clapton's Guitar Contagious - You mean more than the fact that it would be worth a few hundred k?

Cool Watersplash Dress Photoshop - NSFW?

Ten Charts About Sex - and oatmeal and twitter, and college tuition and...

Speaking of Which - How man lost his penile spines - I'll bet you didn't know you had the option...

US Government Creates False People on Facebook - Good to know the Stuey still has some work.

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