Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carpet Causes Baltimore Sewage Spill

A rolled up carpet stuffed down a manhole caused a 700,000 gallon sewage spill into Baltimore's Herring Run:
Baltimore city public works crews continue to struggle to clear a carpet-clogged sewer line that's pouring hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into Herring Run in northeast Baltimore. That's right, carpet-clogged - a rolled-up carpet apparently was stuffed down a manhole, according to Kurt Kocher, spokesman for the city Department of Public Works.

City officials announced late Monday afternoon that more than 10,000 gallons of sewage had spilled into Herring Run near Harford Road at Argonne Drive, but the overflow is up to around 700,000 gallons now, with no end in sight, Kocher reports...

...Kocher said that a room-sized rug, rolled up, apparently is the chief. blockage in the sewer line. The city has filed a police report on the incident and intends to prosecute if the dumper or dumpers can be found.
Lovely, just lovely.

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