Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Nice Day at the Beach - 5/28/11

The Memorial Day weekend started off with some seriously nice weather.  High 70's, sunny, fluffy clouds, and not much breeze.  Georgia had to go to town, so Skye and I went without her, and met Joel and Red about 9:00 AM.

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 Skye is enjoying her dip in the bay.  So now she has to be hosed off and she'll be damp all day.  Doesn't bother her, though, it's worth the hassle.
A Fisherman gets ready on the end of the jetty.  It's a pretty good place to catch croakers and spot, but once in a while, some stripers, blues and, in years past, sea trout get caught off the jetty.
Despite her worsenin arthritis, Skye continues to enjoy her time on the beach.  She still "hounds" (maybe that should be "huskies") us on weekends until we take her.  She still runs like crazy at the beach, and then limps around all the rest of the day.
There were some dead fish on the beach today.  I don't know quite what's going on, but it didn't seem to be a major problem.  This is a pipe fish, a long, straight relative of the sea horse (we have a few of those too).  This one was up on the beach, dried crispy, with no signs of any damage. Most likely it was a Northern Pipefish, Sygnathus fuscus
A couple of horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) out enjoying the sunshine at the beach as well.

Skye made a few new friends on the beach today, including this young woman who was just at the right level to enjoy her dog kisses. 
She was dog friendly, so it worked out.

A trio of sun bathers.  Two of them are the sunbathers from last weekend.  They weren't quite as thrilled to have the dogs sniff them and their stuff (looking for sandwiches, I presume), but they were pretty good sports about it.  At least they answered Joel when he asked whether or not the two of them on the left are twins (they are).

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