Friday, February 5, 2016

Post Fight

I hear a couple of old geezers really got into it last night. But before we delve into that, lets review the latest in Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

One of Hillary's demands, really a deflection of responsibility, is that the secret emails in question be released, so that others can judge whether they should be classified, as if the man on the street, or more likely the news media that favors Hillary can judge. According to Andy McCarthy, Clinton’s Demand that Her Classified Emails Be Disclosed is Disqualifying.
 . . . because Mrs. Clinton realizes the intelligence services will never agree to release all the emails, she knows there is no downside to making a righteously indignant demand that they do so. It is classic Clintonian spin: allowing Hillary to pretend that the real scandal is the government’s classification of too much information that should be publicly available, not her gross negligence in exposing vital intelligence secrets, methods and sources to the high likelihood of hacking by hostile foreign governments.
Meanwhile, attempting to get Hillary off the hook, the State Department has desperately looked around in the files of  Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, and found a few examples where their aides sent them emails that the State Dept. decided should be classified retroactively to personal email accounts, so that Hillary and the Democrats can say "See, the Republicans did it, too". The State Dept. also leaked this information to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) whose role on the Benghzi, and any other committee has been to serve as Hillary's defense lawyer.
In a letter to Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy dated Feb. 3, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick said that the State Department has determined that 12 emails examined from State’s archives contained national security information now classified “Secret” or “Confidential.” The letter was read to NBC News.

Two of the messages were sent to Powell’s personal account, and 10 were sent to personal accounts of Rice’s senior aides, the letter said.
Fine, put those aides in the cell next to Hillary. But please note several differences. These emails were all from within the State Dept. The Sec of State has broad discretion to classify or declassify material from their own agency, but not those of other agencies (the CIA, DOD, NSA etc), whose secrecy Clinton clear violated. A very few instances were found that they could retroactively classify after somewhere between 7 and 15 years ago:
Let’s compare the situations of the three Secretaries of State. All three served four years; Powell and Rice to a lesser extent served at a time when State’s e-mail systems were in flux. Yet the IG can only find two instances of spillage involving Powell’s private e-mail account, and none involving Rice (all ten involved her aides). Hillary didn’t bother getting an official State Department account, but instead hid her communications from Congress and the courts for more than five years to thwart legitimate, constitutional oversight on State. The system she owned and kept at her house was used to retain and transmit classified information on more than one thousand, three hundred occasions. And most importantly, the information that got exposed in this system was intelligence data derived from other agencies, some of which was classified at the highest levels and put sources, methods, and agents at risk.
Next question, should Hillary be allowed to retain a security clearance until her inauguration?

So I hear Hillary and Bernie had a big public fight last night. Fight Night!
Was the best moment when Hillary hopped on her broomstick and flew over the stage spitting flames and cackling "Afraid of fire, scarecrow"? Or was it when Hillary, challenged about her Goldman Sachs speeches, found her inner Jack Nicholson and delivered a riff on "A Few Good Candidates", shouting
"You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at debates you want me at that Goldman Sachs fundraiser. You need me at that Goldman Sachs fundraiser.
  But seriously, As Rush Limbaugh quipped:
Sixty percent of the Republican vote in Iowa last night went for two Hispanics and an African-American, and 100% of the Democrat vote went for a couple of tired, old, decrepit white people.
Because, it's racist and sexist to ask. Challenged on the propriety of taking yuge bribes speaking fees from companies in the run up to her campaign, she offered two defenses, first that she hadn't yet made up her mind to run (now, that's a lie, but one we'll never prove, but it is likely she delayed getting in to continue raking in the dough), and second that she just took what they offered. I'm sure Huma and Cheryl didn't clearly lay out what it would cost to have her attend. There's probably a printed price list somewhere. Not to forget the ancient, "I did it out of patriotism, for 9/11."

But "Top Democrats aren’t worried about Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in the primaries.", But they are worried whether having to kill Bernie will reduce her support among important groups, and display vulnerabilities that Republicans will exploit later. Feel the Bern!

And by way of Wombat Socho's "In The Mailbox, 02.04.16",  Paranoid Grandmother Still Spooked by Vast Nonexistent Conspiracy
Most people would simply be dismissed as crackpots, yet this imperious oaf actually has a chance to become president. Of course her criminal behavior should preclude that, but this is where we are.
Hillary Clinton agrees there is still a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and if anything it has only become more richly financed.
During the New Hampshire town hall debate on Wednesday night, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked Clinton if she still believes there is a “vast right-wing conspiracy” as she said there was during the late 90s to initially explain the Monica Lewinksy scandal.
“Don’t you?” Clinton replied, as the audience laughed. “Yeah. It’s gotten even better funded.”
“They brought in some new multibillionaires to pump the money in. Look, these guys play for keeps.
Let me guess, the Koch brothers?
Et tu, Chelsea? While she was campaigning for her mother in Minnesota Wednesday, Chelsea slipped and said “President Sanders.” Maybe she's not quite ready for prime time.

Feminist Melts Down Over Unlikable Hillary Clinton. An epic, if stupid rant in all caps.  If you don't like Hillary, you must hate womyn, right?

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