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Lots of material today, but very little order:

After all the commotion about her supersecret unsecured server, that moved from her basement to the bathroom of a supporters web company, Hillary has the gall to Call Cybersecurity ‘One of the Most Important Challenges’ for the Next President. Well, it might take a full two terms to straighten out the problems that you caused, and Barack Obama permitted. But the scandal continues to generate heat as Seven additional Clinton emails to be marked 'top secret'. And there could be still more before it's over.

Reportedly found on a pole in Chappaqua
According to Bob Woodward, Hillary's "shouting" is distracting from her attractiveness as a candidate. I don't know; whenever she comes on TV I change the channel. I've heard that Hillary sounds like an ex-wife. Others agreed - Peggy Noonan:
"She is especially poor at the podium, where, when she wants to emphasize an applause line, her voice becomes loud, flat and harassing to the ear," Noonan wrote in January. She compared Clinton to a "landlady yelling up the stairs that your kids left their bikes in the hall again."
Check the video here, at RCP, starting about 2:35.

Her idea seems to be that she can inauthentically (obviously) capture the zeitgeist of popular discontent at establishment power by ranting like a lunatic.

When she looks out of the corner of her eyes, as she turns her head so that her face is in a different direction than her strange, meth-baked eyes, which is always, she just looks bananas.

She looks and sounds deranged. She looks like she's spotting children to go meet Pennywise the Clown backstage.
Vox rushed to assure liberals that anyone not enraptured at the sound of her voice was sexist. But
It Could Be Worse: On the Left, There's a Massive F*ckstorm Over the Alleged "BernieBro" Phenomenon
What is the "BernieBro" controversy?

Well, sit down before you hear this: It's lefties claiming other lefties are "harassing" and "abusing" them by employing "sexist tropes" to knock Hillary Clinton.

It is, I mean, overly sensitive feminist women claiming that Hillary Clinton is being mansplained to, or that her supporters are being mansplained to, from male Sanders supporters -- thus, the "Bros."

Breitbart excerpts Glenn Greenwald criticizing this made-up, lunatic new fiction that the SJWs have seized upon to add a frisson of drama and importance to their empty, bubble-headed lives.

There's a Social Justice Warrior circle jerk, of one SJW passing a fictitious claim on to the next, that's even now gotten coverage from the BBC.

One of the alleged "Bernie Bros" complained of turned out to neither be pro-Bernie nor a Bro. Nor a real person. There's an account on Twitter called Rep. Steve Smith. This account is supposedly a southern Republican congressman, and he tweets the sort of nonsense a liberal would think a southern Republican congressman would tweet.

He also doesn't exist. It's fake. It's a joke. There is no "Representative Steve Smith" (though, honestly -- how perfect is that name? It sounds like a real thing, I have to concede).

This left-leaning write (I assume) debunks this story, noting that a "BernieBro" story has been concocted out of whole cloth by a Satanic Quilting Bee of one feminist writer telling the next one about the indignities she's suffered -- all due to a fake account that has nothing to do with Bernie Sanders, nor any actually existing politician.
 Sanders rails against Clinton as wannabe progressive. Well, yes, to actually be progressive, you'd need to have some principles. Sanders Supporters Boo, Chant "She's a Liar" At Hillary Clinton. Well, again, they have a point:

Meanwhile the Federal bureaucracy continues to fight and cover for her as Feds fight disclosure of Hillary Clinton Whitewater indictment drafts. Well, some secrets are more important than others, after all.

Paula Jones: I Can't Believe Bill Clinton Has the Nerve to Campaign for Hillary. Lack of nerve has never been a problem with either Bill or Hillary. Chelsea is starting to learn at the Masters feet: So What If My Dad Allegedly Raped Someone, Republicans Use “Hate Speech”. Or maybe it's genetic.

Jonah Goldberg: Hillary's Iowa 'win' is a big loss for Democrats
. . . But the real loser in all this is the Democratic Party.

The ghost of Eugene McCarthy has hovered over the Democratic race for a year. In 1968, the left-wing senator from Minnesota challenged President Johnson in the New Hampshire primary. McCarthy actually lost by a significant margin. But the mere fact that he got 42% of the vote against the sitting president was enough to ultimately knock Johnson out of the race and entice Robert F. Kennedy into it.

These are different times, and Clinton isn’t an incumbent president. Even so, numerous observers raised the possibility that if Clinton suffered a devastating loss in both Iowa and New Hampshire, it might be enough to entice Vice President Biden, Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg or someone else into the race to save the party from the prospect of a socialist nominee or a fatally flawed Clinton candidacy.

There was never any question in my mind that Clinton will never drop out. LikeRichard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman, she’s got nowhere else to go. But there was some slim possibility that someone else would get in and beat her and Sanders. That won’t happen now. She will almost surely go on to lose in New Hampshire. After that, her best hope is to grind out a victory over many months, antagonizing Sanders' supporters, who are disproportionately made up of exactly the kind of young activists Clinton desperately needs to win in November.

The window for a Democratic savior — if one ever existed — slammed shut Monday night. The Democrats are stuck with what they’ve got.

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