Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Post-Storm Beach Report

Our first visit back to the beach since the nor'easter. It's a fine day, with temperatures in the low to mid 60s, no wind to speak of, and sunny skies. We hit it at near high tide, which is still above normal. Our first sight (besides a high wrack line) was a couple of herons on the jetty. First this Great Blue Heron across the harbor silhouetted by the sun and then. . .
. . . this Green Heron on our side.
 You can see how the high tides from the storm chewed into the dune faces and tore out a bunch of sand, but piled up a thick layer of branches, leaves and other floating garbage.
Even Bald Eagles have to preen some times. I haven't seen an Osprey in over a week; I think they're gone for good.
Nope, not a dead Horseshoe Crab, just a molted carapace. They make OK souvenirs if you rinse the sand out carefully, and let them dry. Lot's of them wash up this time of year.
 The best of 11 shark's teeth for the day. A pretty decent Snaggletooth.
We couldn't get around the cliff at the corner because of the high water. Note the brown in the vegetation. That's not fall, that's just that Kudzu doesn't appreciate salt spray.
Crabbers are still hard at work. October is a good month for crabs.
Did an A10 Warthog just fly by?  Sure looks like one.
Seagulls take flight from the North Jetty as a dog encroaches.

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