Friday, February 1, 2013

EPA Bay Program: Not Done Yet!

The EPA Chesapeake Bay Program came out with their annual report on the Bay's health, the so called "Bay Barometer" , and the message was "Don't fire us, we haven't finished yet!"
While the Chesapeake Bay Program’s latest look at watershed health reflects the reality of an impaired Bay, signs of the ecosystem’s resilience abound in the science-based snapshot the Program released today.

According to Bay Barometer: Spotlight on Health and Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed, water clarity and dissolved oxygen levels are low, a number of freshwater streams continue to be in poor condition and oyster populations remain at less than one percent of historic levels....

Bay Program partners also estimate that significant steps have been taken toward meeting the Bay’s “pollution diet,” as partners move 20 percent closer to their goal for reducing nitrogen, 19 percent closer to their goal for reducing phosphorous and 30 percent closer to their goal for reducing sediment.
And the really nice thing is that next year, they can search and replace on the date, change it to 2014 and republish it!

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