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Flotsam and Jetsam - Laboring to Find Material

It looks like a lot of writers took off early for the Labor Day weekend. Good for them. The material is sparse, and much of it well worn. Well, let's get started. Nicolo Silverio at Da Caller reports the IRS Whistleblower’s Lawyer Says Merrick Garland ‘Essentially Called’ His Client A ‘Liar’  “Not those words, but in essence saying that Weiss has always had this authority, and Weiss has sent nuanced letters, but trying to follow the lead of the attorney general.” One thing for sure, someone in that triangle is stretching the truth. Matt Margolis at PJM is shocked, shocked, that Emails Show Hunter Biden Had Close Ties to High-Level Obama Officials. "Now you listen to my bagman boy, Hunter."  Just Facts Daily details how the Washington Post Buried Proof of Joe Biden’s Bribery. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.01.23, Twitchy tells how WaPoo's Philip Bump melts down after being HUMILIATED over Biden on podcast (host then DROPS him on Twitter), and Town Hall's Matt Vespa has more Washington Post Reporter Implodes When Pressed About Hunter Biden Bribery Story. Even Jonathan Turley took a whack at Bump, “You Don’t Listen to the Press . . . I’m Telling You”: Post Columnist Philip Bump Strikes Out at Those Questioning Prior False Claims

Now, Miranda Devine at the New York Post has written about a meltdown by Bump in a podcast interview with Noam Dworman, owner of New York’s own Comedy Cellar. Dworman had asked Bump to explain some of his claims and Bump offered one of the most vivid examples of the new media and it is chilling. After declaring that “I’m gonna lose my mind,” he stormed out of the interview after refusing to address the contradictions and dubious claims in his prior columns.

Dworman’s podcast interview stands as one of the most revealing and vivid examples of how the media has changed in the age of rage. Bump moves quickly from the conversational to crazed when simply asked about the basis for his claims in the Washington Post.

At Am Great the great Victor Davis Hanson sees the press go  From One Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next.

Hat Hair's KT sees that the White House prepares a war room for the inevitable Biden impeachment, but at Red State, 'Bonchie' thinks Kevin McCarthy Appears to Take the Out on Impeaching Joe Biden. He doesn't think it will happen. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair reads Charles Lipson at Spec World and concludes, You'd better believe Dems have a Kamala problem if Biden backs out "These three paragraphs explain why Biden *can’t* back out, at least from Democrats’ perspective. If he retires, they’re stuck with Kamala. If the GOP wises up enough to nominate someone fresher against Biden, then she’ll lose and will have to start over again in an open cycle. But if Biden retires, Harris won’t have lost, and Democrats will have no way to explain passing over the “highest-ranking African-American officeholder” and a woman in favor of Newsom or Polis or Pritzker. They’ll go full Weekend At Bernie’s with Biden to prevent that from happening."

Ace wakes up and notices that the Media Finally Notices -- Barely -- That Biden Sure Tells a Lot of "Unverifiable or Implausible" Stories "They refuse to say "lies" -- those are the things Republicans tell! -- so instead they say he tells "unverifiable and implausible tales." And he only does so to connect with audiences and to "comfort" them! You see! His lies, unlike Trump's, are healing lies! They're helping lies!" From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.01.23,  'Truly ASTONISHING': James Woods SLAMS KJP as only he can for lying about Biden 'securing the border'. Also, Booty WHAT?! BAHAHA! Biden accidentally gives Pete Buttigieg hilarious new nickname (watch). Bootyjuice!

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.01.23,The Lid: Recession Soon? Unemployment Jumps To 3.8 Percent. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn is concerned that the Job market taking a chill pill, after repeated downward revisions. "The Biden White House is playing smoke and mirrors with a hot shot number that then quietly gets erased, and a new, way lower one scribbled in two months later…when nobody’s looking." 

Breitbart  Reports Raffensperger Testimony Supports Trump Defense in Georgia Case. "As Breitbart News has long noted, the media have misrepresented the January 2021 phone call between Trump and Raffensperger, quoting Trump as telling Raffensperger that he should “find” the votes necessary for him to win. In fact, Trump said “I just want to find” the votes, referring to his own state of mind. Moreover, the context was that Trump believed he actually had won the state of Georgia, and the votes simply had not been properly counted yet." At Am Spec, George Parry writes Night Falls on Georgia. "No serious prosecutor committed to the rule of law would even consider bringing charges in Fulton County." From ET, Georgia Governor Rejects Special Session to Remove Fulton DA Willis Over Election Interference. Normally I'd oppose political interference in a judicial process, but a political prosecution deserves a political response. Breitbart again, Judge says Donald Trump’s Georgia Trial Will Be Televised, Live-Streamed. Just the way Trump wants it to be, I'm sure. TNP, NY AG Consumed By Attempts to Wipe Value Off Trump Firms, As Crime Soars. "New York Attorney General Letita James, who campaigned for office during the Donald Trump administration on a platform of going after the “illegitimate president” in the courts, is pressing a judge to rule against the now-former president before he even goes to trial." It's easier if you don't have a trial. 

At the College Fix, Law professors: ‘Insurrection’ disqualifies Trump in 2024 "But two left-leaning law professors dismiss idea." Althouse How high is your horse? "And now, this morning, I stumble into another high horse. I'm reading "Disqualify Trump in 2024? It’s clear what the NC Supreme Court would say" by North Carolina lawprof Gene Nichol, who takes the position that everyone knows the North Carolina Supreme Court won't go along with this theory about Section 3 of the 14th Amendment."

Tom  Swift at Am Think thinks about The True Big Lie:

The entire case against Trump and his fellow defendants in the 2020 election-interference prosecutions can't even get off the ground unless it is more or less evidently true that the election was not stolen.

The fact of the matter is that it's not unreasonable to believe that the election was stolen, and consequently it isn't possible for it to be (more or less) evidently true that the election was not stolen. That is why the case against Trump and his collaborators necessarily collapses, whether or not a corrupted legal system recognizes this. There is no case against Trump and his confreres insofar as it's reasonable to believe that the 2020 election was stolen.

 Paula Bolyard at PJM, The Daily Beast Suggests Trump Interview Was Fake. There's Just One Problem…

Matt Vespa sees The One Conclusion Trump's GOP Opponents Must Accept Right Now "Are we at the point where we can say, “I’ve seen enough,” and call it? Unless something seismic happens, this race might be over." But he is responding to a slight drop in his polling after the debate. Matt Margolis at PJM, Trump Says He Might Join GOP Primary Debates. At PM, No Labels group seeks to launch third party, 'demand-driven' presidential candidate. "The whole idea of this is that this has to be a demand-driven phenomenon." Yeah, where's the demand, other than the chattering classes?

Insty, NEVER, BECAUSE THEY’RE REGIME-SPONSORED THUGS: A J6 rioter just got 17 years in prison for shaking a fence. When will these BLM rioters at the White House get the same sentence?

At Da Caller, Ex-CIA Agent Who Signed False Letter About Hunter Biden Laptop Tried To Hide Her Work For Twitter. Ace, Spies Who Lie: One of the Former Intelligence Officers Who Signed the Psyops Disinformation Hunter Biden Letter Subsequently Hid The Fact That She Then Landed a Job at Twitter's "Truth and Safety Council" -- Twitter's Department of Censorship! "Guys, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think the CIA is a enemy intelligence service that does not seek to defend the citizens of the United States, but to subjugate them."

Lincoln Brown at PJM reports on a Louisiana Man Cleared to Sue Cops After SWAT Raid Over Facebook Joke

Stacy McCain foretells The Death of #MeToo: ‘To Be Fair, It Was Never Actually About Helping Women’ "The headline quote is Professor Glenn Reynolds’ reaction to a post by Jazz Shaw about how “the #MeToo movement abandoned women.” The thought occurs to me, “Is Jazz Shaw really so naïve as to believe the liberals were arguing in good faith?” KT at Hat Hair had a  Feel-Good Friday: The Riley Gaines owns Keith Olbermann and it was spectacular edition

At Da Fetched, DOJ Intervenes to Protect Rachel Levine from Being Exposed in AL Law Banning Child Sex Changes. Evita Duffy-Alfonse at Da Fed notes In Biden’s America, Butchering Viable Babies Is Fine But Protesting Their Murder Is Criminal. "D.C. police confirmed an abortionist who appears to have illegally performed partial-birth abortions will be allowed to continue with no criminal investigation, the same week peaceful pro-lifers who staged a protest at his abortion facility were found guilty in federal court and face imprisonment."

LWC, WATCH: GADSDEN FLAG KID TAKES VICTORY LAP, BUT SHARES SOME HORRIBLE NEWS ABOUT HIS TEACHERS "It's a good news/bad news thing. The good news is that Jaiden made a bunch of new friends in class, who have been inspired to put "Don't Tread of Me" flags on their lockers! The bad news is Jaiden's getting dirty looks from his teachers. Jaiden is twelve. And his TEACHERS are giving him an attitude because he knows more about American history than they do." Insty, DEEPLY IGNORANT, BUT ENTIRELY SURE OF THEMSELVES: Gadsden flag: How ignorant are the folks running the schools? 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.01.23, Louder With Crowder, Alaska Board of Education Votes To Exclude Males From Girls’ Sports, and Florida School Board Removes Dozens of Pornographic Books After Parents Read Graphic Passages Aloud, Vox Popoli, I’m Not Saying He’s Fake, American Greatness: Oklahoma City School District Hires Drag Queen Elementary School Principal Once Arrested For Possessing Child Porn and Illicit Drugs, Behind The Black, Real pushback: School district immediately cancels ban on prayer when threatened with lawsuit, Legal Insurrection: Riley Gaines Shuts Down Keith Olbermann With Her Swimming Awards and Florida and Texas Schools Excluded From List of LGBTQ Friendly Colleges, The Federalist, Democrats And Republicans Have Been Talking About School Reform For Years While Everything Has Gotten Worse and Here’s 5 Action Items Conservatives Should Focus On To Better Their Communities And Country.

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