Thursday, September 7, 2023

Maryland, My Maryland

Mary Chastain at LI reports a Maryland School Forcing Third Graders to Wear an N-95 Mask. Of course it's in Montgomery County

Third-graders at Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Montgomery County, MD, must wear an N95 mask after some students tested positive for COVID.

OutKick Founder Clay Travis posted a letter the school allegedly sent to the parents.
“Additional KN95 masks have been distributed and students and staff in identified classes or activities will be required to mask while in school for the next 10 days, except when eating or drinking,” wrote Principal Rebecca Irwin Kennedy. “Masks will become optional again following the 10 day period.”

Of course, after 10 days, some more people will test positive, and they try to force masks all fall and winter long.

The schools will also make COVID-19 tests available for the families.

Even Fauci now admits that masks do not good on a population basis, but might help on an "individual" basis, as though that makes some kind of sense, since a population is composed of individuals.

Since children face very little consequences from WuFlu, they should dispense with masks for kids, and allow teachers and other adults in the schools to decide if they would benefit from the masks, or if a  vaccination or immunity from a previous infection is sufficient.

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