Friday, September 22, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Merrick in the Mire

We're still dissecting Merrick Garlands Wednesday appearance at the House Judiciary Committee. The divine Ms. Devine at NYPo, Ignorant, pathetic Merrick Garland wilts on the hot seat before Congress. At the Free Bacon, Garland Invokes 'Internal Deliberations' To Avoid Discussing Hunter Biden Probe, "Though he revealed little about the investigation, Garland aggressively defended his handling of the probe." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire notes amnesia as Garland Testifies He Can’t ‘Recollect’ Contact With FBI HQ About Hunter Biden Probe. At Da Caller, Massie Goes After Garland Over Jan. 6 Statements: ‘You May Have Just Perjured Yourself’, GOP Rep Hammers Garland Over Biden Push To Get Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired: ‘You, Sir, Also Need To Be Impeached’ and Dem Rep’s Attempted ‘Gotcha’ Questions On Clarence Thomas Backfire Spectacularly After Merrick Garland Fails To Answer. mrc-TV, Pull the Other One! AG Garland Denies There's a Two-Tiered Justice System. PJM's Paula Bolyard The Attacks Just Keep Coming. Town Hall, Soviet-Born Republican's Exchange With AG Garland Will Give You Chills. Liberty and Prosperity calls it Merrick Garland's Waterloo moment. Capt. Ed comments "There is no way to explain how Weiss stalled on charging decisions until after the statute of limitations passed, other than deliberate obstruction. IRS investigators knew they had a prosecutable case, and so did Weiss. Instead of proceeding under the authority that Garland assured Congress Weiss had, Weiss chose to be stymied by other prosecutors and then sit on his hands. Garland’s Lady MacBeth act isn’t fooling anyone; he’s either grossly incompetent or corrupt. There isn’t a third choice." At NYPo, Two more IRS officials say David Weiss stymied and ‘not the deciding person’ on Hunter Biden tax crimes. From NewsMax, Hunter Biden Denied Request for Virtual Court Appearance, but never fear, Breitbart reports Hunter Biden’s Mugshot Concealed by Joe Biden’s Justice Department. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN notes the  Signatories of Hunter Biden laptop letter get plum jobs after pumping disinformation into election. "“None of them should ever be hired, work for, or paid by the United States government," Sen. Ron Johnson said." At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland expounds on What Congress Should Ask The FBI Agent Involved In Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story.  ". . . knowing who knew the laptop story was accurate but still fed the hack-and-leak hysteria will point to the players responsible for interfering in the 2020 election by silencing the truthful reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop story." At I&I, As Impeachment Inquiry Looms, Half Say Biden’s Been Dishonest About Foreign Deals: I&I/TIPP Poll "You can fool some of the people all of the time."

At Da Mail, Biden appears to wander off UN stage without shaking President Lula's hand at end of joint speech - leaving Brazilian leader visibly irritated - minutes after President walked through a flag to take the podium. From NYPo, Biden repeats same story word-for-word just minutes apart, raising fresh concerns about age, fitness for office. Capt Ed at Hat Hair, No, really, something is very wrong with Biden. "These incidents are growing in frequency. How long will this go on before Congress and the White House address it?" If you want something not done, Congress is just the group to not do it. 

Dan Flynn at Am Spec asks the obvious question, Was Ray Epps a Jan. 6 Fed Conspirator? "The delay in his charging, and the lone misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, fuels theories." The FBI explicitly deny it, but there are many other possible agencies. Brandon Drey at Da Wire notes Former FBI Official Says Bureau Lost Track Of How Many Sources, Other Informants Were Involved In Capitol Breach, and that's just the FBI. From TNP, Almost 3/4 of Americans Think The Nation is Becoming a Police State.  Dave Harsanyi at NYPo says Biden DOJ targeting of Elon Musk is intimidation, pure and simple.

At Town Hall, Cutie Pavlich reports on how Trump Responds to Special Counsel Efforts to Obtain a Gag Order. "Deranged Jack Smith’s Gag Order request would make it impossible for me to speak negatively about Crooked Joe Biden, and other subjects of incompetence. How Ridiculous! No more FIRST AMENDMENT?" At Da Caller the Dersh says Trump’s 2020 Lawyers Are Being Prosecuted For Doing Their Jobs. Breitbart reports Discredited January 6 Witness Cassidy Hutchinson Claims Giuliani Groped Her, "Notably, Hutchinson did not make these claims during her testimony to the January 6 Committee."

Mary Chastain at LI, Kamala Harris Gushes Over Pennsylvania Implementing Automatic Voter Registration. "23 states plus D.C. has this system. Does it shock you that most of the states on the list are blue? I’m not." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed cites Election Experts who say Pennsylvania’s Switch To Automatic Voter Registration Is ‘Inconsistent’ With State Law.  Da Caller reports Dems Are Freaking Out Over Trump’s Plan To Visit Striking Auto Workers “Trump scooped us. Now if we announce we’re going, it looks like we’re just going because of Trump,” a national Democratic strategist told the outlet. “We waited too long. That’s the challenge.” At TNP, Kari Lake to Launch AZ Senate Bid. Good, I'd like to see her get it. A poll from Da Wire says A  Majority Say Virginia Porn Candidate Should Drop Out, Including Democrats And Women "Constituencies Democrats count on to turn out on Election Day may go in the opposite direction on this issue." Paul Bedard at WaEx reports an FEC commissioner says agency ‘weaponized’ against GOP

Stacy McCain, goes off on The Toxic Lives and Influence of AWFLs, with particular reference to Chelsea Handler:
In case you have forgotten when Chelsea Handler was actually funny, her humor was basically about (a) here habitual promiscuity and (b) her alcoholism. Her first book was entitled, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands, while her second was entitled Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea. Which is to say that, by the time she was sufficiently well-known to be called a celebrity, what was Chelsea Handler was mainly famous for was being a drunken slut.

As the subject of a stand-up routine, this was actually funny, back around 2005 or so, but as a lifestyle . . . Well, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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